Team Coaching.

 “If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

– Robin Jones Gunn.

A Team Transformation

Our rise to Number 1

During my time in the FMCG industry, I was part of a team of individuals who pulled in different directions.  It was highly dysfunctional and we struggled badly with our results.


We utilised the services of a Coach;


As a group of highly motivated individuals, we were empowered to face hard truths about ourselves.  We became aware of our blind-spots, embraced our vulnerabilities and built trust in each other.  We transformed as individuals and as a team.  Each individual became a high performer and we collaborated as a highly effective team.


Our relationships with our customers went from transactional to a multifunctional approach and this level of professionalism saw us rise to become number 1 in the Irish market with double-digit growth in both turnover and profit.  We did this in a year!

Developing a culture.

Without trust, there will be no accountability. Without accountability, there will be no high performance.

We developed a culture which was aligned to the core values of the organisation and this was the platform which facilitated individuals to perform at their best. We identified core gaps in our performance, addressed them with appropriate training and coaching and aimed our best efforts at achieving our goals.


What gels these high performing individuals into a high performing unit is the development of emotional intelligence which fosters trust in a healthy, respectful environment. Without trust, there will not be commitment and accountability. Without accountability, there will not be high performance.

Collaboration of high performers

The lessons from this experience are key drivers for what I do today. I have a passion for high performance and in my Team Coaching I coach talented individuals who aspire to realise their potential and facilitate those individuals to collaborate in a highly effective way to deliver exponential results for the business.

How it works.

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