Executive Coaching.

A collaboration between coach and client

As a Leader or an Executive:

Do you want to improve your Leadership skills?

Do you want to set goals that are aligned to a greater vision?

Do you need to develop your emotional intelligence?

Are you aligned to your core values and utilising your key strengths?

Do you need support in identifying competency gaps for development?

Are you lacking courage and self-belief?

Are you lacking focus because of a busy schedule and hectic lifestyle?

Is conflict causing stress and underperformance?

Are you feeling a little burnt out and need to reinvigorate your energy?

Are your productivity levels where you want them to be?

Has your motivation waned recently and you need to re engage with what really drives you to achieve?

About Executive Coaching.

Coaching is a collaboration between and coach and a client where they both work together in complete alignment and trust.

This collaboration is bound by confidentiality.  The coach creates an environment where the client is encouraged to be the best version of themselves, to be true to their values and where the client acts with integrity and honesty for their own benefit. It is a place where the client’s true self is promoted.


Regardless of the presenting issues from the client, the collaboration is person-centred and at all times I will treat my client with unconditional positive regard. I believe that each person is naturally creative and resourceful. It is my belief from the outset that the client is the most able person to help themselves in the best way possible for them.

What's My Role?

My role is to empower my client on a journey of discovery which creates deeper level of awareness. Only when we become aware, are we capable of seeing the choices and options around us. It is at that point when my client can choose to take the actions that best suits them in that moment.

Creating Awareness.

Values, beliefs & behaviours

Through deep listening, I will prompt my client with questions that drive a deeper level of thinking with a future focus. This thinking creates awareness of their values, beliefs and behaviours and presents my client with choices that lead them to positive change.

Without creating awareness, the client is powerless to make the change required.

Establish Goals.

A strategic part of the collaboration is to empower the client to establish goals that lead to positive change.

The client decides what the goal is and therefore the collaboration is client led. I will support the client in appraising that goal and link it to their core values, beliefs, emotions. This increases commitment from will-power to why-power.


Ultimately, my overall aim is to help create fulfilment and balance which is sustainable in the long run.

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