About John.

John leads his life with a deep sense of integrity. He is highly resilient and passionate about his purpose, which is to improve the lives of his family, friends, his clients and their teams.

John Tiernan

High Performance Coach

John has a passion to lead people with integrity, honesty and positivity. He has a natural way that builds relationships based on trust and honesty.

John Tiernan

Resilient Leader.

John carries an optimistic outlook which is accompanied by a sense of humour that allows people to immediately feel comfortable in his presence.

Despite his natural way, John has a steely edge. His competitive nature has pushed him out of his comfort zone and into stretch zone throughout his career and to this day.


With 18 years’ experience in the FMCG industry, John has fought through some tough times in the commercial world. In each case, due to one of John’s greatest strengths, resilience, they were followed immediately by highs of achieving great success from the learnings of the lows.


'I've been in professional roles within the finance sector for over 20 years and wanted to reflect on what I truly value and how to take that understanding to become a better colleague and manager in the future. Over a few sessions with John in the summer of 2020 I was very impressed with how quickly and amicably he helped me clarify what's really driven me to date, what development areas I genuinely need to address and why they can keep niggling away, and how to better assess and manage those - both personally and professionally. I found John to have a very broad and experienced perspective on the challenges faced in business - particularly when you move to a management position - and a natural ability to help coach me to understand both the successes to date and the hurdles we can often face but may not really focus on overcoming. I'd highly recommend him as a professional coach.'

Derek O’Doherty

Head of Capital Markets
(Irish Alternative Lender)

Consistency delivers exponentially.

With consistent records of delivering market share, turnover and profit, John has served on International Sales Teams including Birds Eye Iglo Group Sales Leadership Team along with Commercial Directors from CBUs across Europe and Russia.

Experience cannot be matched.

The experience of working in an aggressive market such as FMCG has shown John that the value of working in cultures which are designed to empower and enhance self-belief are truly high performing.

This is one of the driving forces behind John’s passion; to see someone being the best version of themselves.


John’s belief that high performing individuals who collaborate effectively can deliver extraordinary results. This comes from experience where trust, honesty, commitment and energy are key fundamentals.

Castlebar, Co. Mayo
086 804 3388