High Performance Mastermind.

 “Deliberately seek the company of people who will influence you to think and act on building the life you desire”

– Napoleon Hill.

High Performance Mastermind

I work with high performing people as it inspires me to be better myself.

In my High Performance Mastermind, we have a select group of high performing people who collaborate in an environment of trust and confidence. There is a synergy when people truly collaborate and this delivers exponential results and success for everyone in the group.

My Mastermind Groups.

I work with successful Business Owners, Managing Directors and CEOs who seek to raise levels of performance on both a professional and personal level.

In my Mastermind groups, I create an exclusive environment where high performing people collaborate with other like minded, ambitious people committed to creating breakthroughs and high performance in their businesses. I work with successful Business Owners, Managing Directors and CEOs who seek to raise levels of performance on both a professional and personal level.

In this environment, ambitious participants challenge each other to set and achieve powerful goals, brainstorm, share best practices and support each other with a collective experience far greater than any singular participant.

It is often said that being a Business Owner or MD/CEO is a lonely place to be as it can be difficult to express your concerns with your team members in case you spread fear. A Mastermind is a perfect place to speak openly with other members who may well be experiencing similar concerns.  Integral to the Mastermind working well is confidentiality and trust.

The Mastermind principle.

The concept of a Mastermind group was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill.

In his book Think and Grow Rich, which was first published in 1937, Hill described the Mastermind Principle as,

“The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony… no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind”.

The benefits of my High Performance Mastermind.

Exclusive network with other high performing business owners

Confidential sounding board with your own “Advisory Board”

Collective brainstorming to help you through specific challenges you face

Shared knowledge and learning of over 100 years of experience from your fellow participants

Diversity of perspective from other leaders, each participant bringing a different skillset

Peer-to-peer accountability from within the group

Each member will be challenged by the group where they might not be challenged in their own business

Increased confidence knowing that their strategies have been vetted by 5+ other top performers

Each member has a powerful team supporting them

Vastly increased likelihood of goal achievement

Increased levels of performance and success

An added bonus.

Included in the membership of my High Performance Mastermind Group is an Executive Coaching session with me which takes place mid-way between each session with your group. These sessions will empower you to be at your best on a personal level more consistently which will result in a powerful impact professionally.

Are you a high performing Business Owner/MD/CEO striving for greater success?

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