Business Coaching.

How are you going to realise your Vision of the future?

Create structure, Create focus

Assign responsibility, delegate, create accountability and focus, breakthrough the glass ceiling of mediocre results

Do you work 60+ hours per week?

Are you making all the decisions in your business?

Are you missing out on family time because your business won’t operate without you present?

Do you have a sounding board in your business with whom critical decisions can be discussed confidentially without a negative impact on the team?

Do you feel overwhelmed with no clear view of what success looks like and how you will get there?

Or is it a case where you know what needs to be done to be successful but you don’t have the time to execute it?

Do you believe that your business can be a success but you just can’t make it happen?

Do you feel like there is a glass ceiling where the results are plateauing year after year?

Are you looking for a breakthrough?

Blue Chip Experience.

For 18 years, I worked with multinational companies managing the commercial relationships with our blue chip customers.

My role involved managing the relationship with our top customers. This included frequent and intense negotiations to ensure we achieved our targets, year after year.  Internally, while managing each customer, I also worked closely with finance, marketing, category management, sales, distribution, stock forecasting and logistics on a weekly basis.   We worked as a team, committed to achieving our KPIs and targets

A razor sharp focus

Building a company structure, creating a razor sharp focus on a target, defining clear roles and responsibilities, delegating, creating absolute alignment of expectations, and accountability, are key fundamentals for any business to achieve its desired results.
Having a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual financial target meant that we were always numbers driven and this was the reason I have a record of consistently delivering and over achieving against financial targets.

Create real breakthroughs.

Meagre yearly turnover increases don't excite me as they have very little impact on profit alone.

What drives my passion with business owners is creating real breakthroughs that transforms not just the business, but also the life of the business owner.


My methods are not theories, they are proven strategies that deliver consistent results in any business.

Are you a Business Owner looking for a breakthrough?

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